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Money & Marriage: The Complete Guide to Transform Money in Your Marriage

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Money & Marriage: The Complete Guide to Transform Money in Your Marriage

Kurtis Hanni
14 ratings

The #1 cause of divorce is money. Talking about money is one of the most difficult conversations to have in marriage.

Money & Marriage is here to help.

This 5-part process will guide you as you:

  1. Walk through your money history with your spouse, helping you better understand your spouse's relationship with money.

  2. Create a plan based on the context of the past, helping you come to agreements on where your money priorities lie.

  3. Ask you key questions and motivating factors to assure each spouse is bought into the plan.

  4. Provide you with a template for regular money check-ins with your spouse.

  5. Create a rhythm of annual check-ins so that you can revise the plan and stay committed.

By connecting your money past to your present, Money & Marriage will help you plan and create a better future.

What is included?

  • A 5-part framework that will result in creating a long-term money plan

  • Guided questions to help you have better conversations

  • 5 sets of exercises to help you create a solid financial foundation


In the future, we plan to have updates that include exclusive podcast and video updates, as well as providing updated questions and content. By buying today, you will never have to pay another dime. When new content gets added, the price WILL go up. But the price you see today will be the lowest price you ever see!

Save Your Sons wrote such a great review, I thought I'd let it do the talking for me.

This eBook, and the resources with it, will directly attack your negative money mindsets in marriage and help you rewrite the money script for your family.

By opening up the lines of communication, you will get a better understanding of where your spouse is coming from and how to address your differences and move forward with a SHARED plan.

Our marriages are worth fighting for and this guide is here to help you fight for your marriage and your future legacy.

So many others had great things to say, so I'll let them talk for me too.

30 Day Refund: I'm so confident that this guide will live up to your expectations that I will refund anyone who is unsatisfied with what they receive. If you'd like a refund, please email me at and explain why you'd like your money back.

Do not hesitate any longer! Click "I want this" NOW!

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Money & Marriage: The Complete Guide to Transform Money in Your Marriage. Buy now and get all future updates for FREE.

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